For our second installment from Teaching Thursday, Laura Darr, local babywearer and Independent Consultant for Go, Baby, Go! has shared her favorite links for Mei Tais, Ring Slings, Soft-Structured Carriers, and Pouches!



Mei Tais:

Mei Tai – Front Carry – Newborn

Mei Tai – Front Carry – Older Babies

Mei Tai – Hip Carry

Mei Tai – Back Carry – Over-the-Shoulder Method*

MeiTai – Back Carry – Hip-to-Back Method*

*I’m not sure if there are actual names for these “methods”, but that’s what made sense to me…

Ring Slings:

Ring Sling – All (T2T, Nursing, Kangaroo, Hip)

Ring Sling – Tummy to Tummy

Ring Sling – Kangaroo

Ring Sling – Hip

Soft-Structured Carriers:

SSC – Front Carry – Newborn
Ergo Infant Insert

SSC – Front Carry – Older Baby

SSC – Back Carry
Beginner (seated)
Advanced (hip-to-back)

SSC – Hip Carry


Pouch Sling – Tummy to Tummy

Pouch Sling – Hip Carry

Pouch Sling – Safety and Sizing