We celebrated Walking Wednesday by staging a flash mob at Scottsdale Fashion Square.  One of our local VBEs choreographed a routine to Baby Mamas (Put a Sling on ‘Em).

At around 11:00 am, moms started to congregate in the lower level by the food court:

We hung out and talked while our babies were happily worn and our big kids ran around:

Around 11:20, we placed our stereo in a stroller located in the center of a large open area right in front of the Concierge desk.  The big kids hung out on the couch and chairs.

The staff at the Concierge desk looked a little baffled by the arrival of so many women with their babies in carriers, and even questioned a mama about what was up.  They were in good spirits when the dancing started though!  Victory for our babywearing flash mob!  (Although one of the staff members, who accepted an International Babywearing Week pen, did say we scared the young guy working at the kiosk on the left of the picture below because he had never seen such a thing.)

We did experience a few technical difficulties, such as a not-loud-enough speaker and a skipping CD.  That didn’t stop us though.  And we’re already talking about doing more!

Here are a few videos of the Phoenix Babywearers in action: